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Chicago’s Best Live Trivia Nights!!!

Pub Trivia USA provides FREE live trivia nights at restaurants and bars throughout the Chicago area.


Players have a chance to win great nightly prizes (gift certificates) provided by the establishment.  Pub Trivia will also be hosting area tournaments with HUGE cash prizes.  These cash prizes will go to local teams!!


This is your chance to hang out with some friends, get some great food and drinks, make some new friends and HAVE FUN!!!!!

New Shows

  • November 21st- Brook's Kitchen and Tap - 1919 S. Meyers Rd. (Oakbrook Terrace) Thursday 7:00
  • November 21st- RJ's Eatery - 1913 E. Grand Ave. (Lindenhurst) Thursday 7:00
  • November 23rd- Rosati's Sports Pub - 3061 N. Barrington Rd. (Hoffman Estates) Saturday 7:00
  • November 26th- Rail house- 415 Railroad Ave (Round Lake)
    Tuesday 7:00
  • November 26th- Lucky Bernie's - 420 E. IL Route 173 (Antioch) Tuesday 7:00
  • November 27th- Fatmans - 36309 Skokie Hwy. (Gurnee) Wednesday 7:00
  • November 27th- Pressure Billiards - 6318 Clark St. (Chicago) Wednesday 7:00
  • December 4th- The Wine Goddess - 702 Main St. (Evanston) 1st Wednesday/Month 7:00


** Trivia league teams receive 10 league bonus points for attending the 1st trivia show at our new locations. Points do not count that night, but will be added after that night.


2019 Season 3
Season starts-August 11th
End of Season-November 30th
Championship Games-December 14th
North-The Red Barn - 303 E. Kensington Rd. (Mt. Prospect)
Prizes for the North and West tournaments are:
1st=$300 cash, 2nd=$200 cash, 3rd=$100 cash, 4th=$50 Gift certificate, 5th=$25 Gift certificate, and 6th=$10 Gift certificate

2019 Season 2 Championships
Congratulation to the winners of the Season 2 Tournaments:

$300 CASH! Slaves to sin and Stupid ape
$200 CASH! Insert name here and Flying spaghetti monster
$100 CASH! Here for beer and D’oh
Other Winners: CJ, Da region rats, No whammies, Our other name is BMW, Give me liberty, That’s not trivia, that’s trivial
We were able to raise $697 at the two tournaments for Toys for Tots!!! Thank you all for your generosity!!!


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Nepal is bordered by only two countries, what are they?

Yesterday's Q&A

Q: In July 2012, the worst power outage in world history occurred in what country, leaving over 620 million people without power?

A: India


*Please contact locations for possible cancellations due to weather, games, or holidays.


Joke of the Day!!

My friend told me he had the body of a Greek god. I had to explain to him that Buddha is not Greek.



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