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Chicago’s Best Live Trivia Nights!!!

Pub Trivia USA provides FREE live trivia nights at restaurants and bars throughout the Chicago area.
"Game Show Night"-Team games similar to popular TV game shows.
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Players have a chance to win great nightly prizes (gift certificates) provided by the establishment.  Pub Trivia will also be hosting area tournaments with HUGE cash prizes.  These cash prizes will go to local teams!!


This is your chance to hang out with some friends, get some great food and drinks, make some new friends and HAVE FUN!!!!!

New Shows

  • January 17th-Brick City Tavern-34 South Main Street (Mount Prospect)-Thursday-7:30 Themed Trivia
  • January 23rd-Emil's Tavern on Center -161 Center St. (Grayslake) Wednesday-8:00
  • January 23rd-MT Barrels-1712 W. Wise Rd. (Schaumberg) Wednesday-7:00
  • January 23rd-Eduardo's -206 E. Lincoln Hwy. (DeKalb) Wednesday-7:00
  • January 23rd-Union Ale House -1211 S. Wolf Rd. (Prospect Heights) Wednesday-7:00
  • January 23rd-The Legendary Wooden Nickel-444 Lakeview Ave. (Highwood) Wednesday-7:00
  • January 26th-Mr. D’s - Inside Arlington Park Racetrack (Arlington Heights) Last Saturday October-April-6:00
  • Starting February 5th-Rookies All-American Bar & Grill -12220 Princeton Dr. (Huntley) Tuesday-7:00
  • Starting February 5th-Rookies All-American Bar & Grill -4607 W. Higgins Rd. (Hoffman Estates) Tuesday-7:00
  • Starting February 5th-Elgin Public House -219 E. Chicago St. (Elgin)
  • Starting February 6th-Rookies All-American Bar & Grill -2486 Bushwood Dr. (Elgin) Wednesday-7:00
  • Starting February 6th-Rookies All-American Bar & Grill -1360 Lake St. (Roselle) Wednesday-7:00
  • Starting February 7th-Eaglewood Resort and Spa -1401 Nordic Rd. (Itasca)
    Thursday- 7:00
  • Starting February 11th-Bannerman's Sports Grill -858 S. Route 59 (Bartlett)


** Trivia league teams receive 10 league bonus points for attending the 1st trivia show at our new locations. Points do not count that night, but will be added after that night.


2019 Season 1
Season starts-December 30th
End of Season-April 20th
Championship Games-May 4th
Prizes for the North and West tournaments are:
1st=$300 cash, 2nd=$200 cash, 3rd=$100 cash, 4th=$50 Gift certificate, 5th=$25 Gift certificate, and 6th=$10 Gift certificate


*Top 20 teams in North and West areas will automatically receive an invitation. Remaining teams will be invited based on rank and availability.

*Top City and South teams will get invitations to North and West Championships based on rankings.


2018 Season 3 Championships
Congratulation to the winners of the Season 3 Tournaments:

$300 CASH! Here for beer and Give me liberty
$200 CASH! Gemeinshaft and Insert name here
$100 CASH! Jalapeño and Han Solo
Other Winners: Fearsome donkeys, 2 Bald Jews, et al., Batteries not included, The friends, Triosonata, Adult daycare,


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Which one of the following locations is NOT mentioned in Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech: The Rockies of Colorado, The Blue Ridges of North Carolina, The Hilltops of New Hampshire, or lookout Mountain of Tennessee?

Yesterday's Q&A

Q: What Oscar-winning actress said in 1973, "I don't care about the Oscar. I make movies to support the causes I believe in"?

A: Jane Fonda


*Please contact locations for possible cancellations due to weather, games, or holidays.


Joke of the Day!!

Doctor: “You’ll live to be 60!”

Patient: “I am 60!”

Doctor: “See! What did I tell you?”



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