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Chicago’s Best Live Trivia Nights!!!

Pub Trivia USA provides FREE live trivia nights at restaurants and bars throughout the Chicago area.


*New Game:  "Game Night"-Four games similar to popular TV game shows.  Progressive Perfect Score Jack Pot up to $2000!!! For more info Click Here.


Players have a chance to win great nightly prizes (gift certificates) provided by the establishment.  Pub Trivia will also be hosting area tournaments with HUGE cash prizes.  These cash prizes will go to local teams!!


This is your chance to hang out with some friends, get some great food and drinks, make some new friends and HAVE FUN!!!!!

New Shows

  • Starting September 9th -Onion Pub Brewery (Trivia)-22221 N. Pepper Rd. (Lake Barrington) Wednesday-7:30
  • Starting September 16th -Bulldog's Cellar (Game Night)-1 E. Wilson St. (Batavia) Wednesday-7:30
  • Starting September 21st -Peggy Kinnane's (Game Night)-8 N. Vail Rd. (Arlington Heights) Monday-7:00


Pub Trivia USA News:


** League teams receive 10 league bonus points for attending the 1st show at our new locations. Points do not count that night, but will be added after that night.


2015 Season 2 Championship

Congratulations to our August 22nd Tourney Winners:
$400 CASH-Weapons of Mass Instruction, Gone Fishin’
$200 CASH-Chumps, Stupid Ape
$100 CASH-Hungarian Horndogs
, Slaves To Sin, 4th Place
Other winners: Purple Haze
, The Snozberries Taste Like Snozberries
, Batteries Not Included, Vicious & Delicious, Bo Knows Trivia, Twelve Percent Certain


A HUGE THANK YOU to all the great staff at HOME-House Of Music & Entertainment and Gulliver’s! You guys did an AMAZING job and made this a truly AWESOME event!!!!!


Thank you to all the teams that participated and for all the generous players you purchased raffle tickets to support an amazing organization 100 Club Chicago. We were able to raise $270 at the West Tourney and $625 at the North Tourney. The winners at the North Tourney was soon generous, they donated their winnings!!! Pub Trivia USA will donate an additional $500 for a total of $1395 for 100 Club Chicago!!!


What NCAA Div. 1 men's basketball coach surpassed Bob Knight for second place all-time in career victories until the NCAA vacated 108 of those victories for violations?

Yesterday's Q&A

Q: What is the name of the treaty that created the European Union and led to the creation of the single European currency, the euro?

A: The Maastricht Treaty (or the Treaty on European Union or TEU).


*Please contact locations for possible cancellations due to weather, games, or holidays.

Joke of the Day!!

Student: Got tasered picking up my friend from the airport today. Apparently security doesn't like it when you shout, "Hi Jack!"


Game Night Progressive Jackpot

Week 8/30/15-9/5/15:

Prefect Score (100 Pts.)-$800