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Chicago’s Best Live Trivia Nights!!!

Pub Trivia USA provides FREE live trivia nights at restaurants and bars

throughout the Chicago area. 


Players have a chance to win great nightly prizes (gift certificates) provided by the establishment.  Pub Trivia will also be hosting area tournaments with HUGE cash prizes.  These cash prizes will go to local teams!! 

This is your chance to hang out with some friends, get some great food and drinks,

make some new friends and HAVE FUN!!!!!


New Shows

    • Starting March 2nd -VFW Post 2791-17147 S. Oak Park Ave. (Tinley Park) Monday-7:00
    • Starting March 3rd -Shark City (Adult Trivia)-2240 Bloomingdale Rd. (Glendale Heights) Tuesday-7:30
    • Starting March 5th -Light the Lamp Brewery-10 N. Lake St. (Grayslake) Thursday-7:00
    • Starting March 6th -Strikers Bowling Ally-643 S. Dixie Hwy. (Beecher) Friday-7:00
    • Starting March 10th -On the Rox-670 W. Station St. (Kankakee) Tuesday-8:00
    • Starting March 10th -Miss Kitty's-634 E. Ogden Ave. (Naperville) Tuesday-8:00
    • Starting March 23rd -McGonigal's Pub-105 S. Cook St. (Barrington) Monday-7:30


Pub Trivia USA News:

** League teams receive 10 league bonus points for attending the 1st show at our new locations. Points do not count that night, but will be added after that night.


2014 Season 3 Championship games


Tourney winners:

$500 CASH -Han Solo and Gone Fishin'

$200 CASH-Team turd-burglars, The cunning linguists, Chumps, and Purple Haze

$100 CASH-The pen is mightier, Our drinking team has a trivia problem, We Know Nothing, and Sherman Hemsley

Other winners: Insert name here, Dirty half dozen, Batteries not included, Dashing diners/4 shamrocks, Wait...what?, and Bo knows nothing


2015 Season 1 starts January 4th


What is the name of Little Orphan Annie's dog?

Yesterday's Q&A

Q: What is the pen name of Daniel Handler in which his character experiences “A Series of Unfortunate Events”?

A: Lemony Snicket

*Please contact locations for possible cancellations due to weather, games, or holidays.


Joke of the Day!!

Lord grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can & the friends to post my bail when I finally snap!

During the month of January 2015- 6,963 Pub Trivia USA players attended 208 Pub Trivia USA events at our more than 60 locations. The yearly total for 2015 is more than 6,900!