Sketchbook Brewing Company

4901 Main St.
Skokie, IL 60077
(847) 588-0652



1st: $25
2nd: $15
3rd: TBD

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Sketchbook Brewing knows just a few things:

beer is a fermented mystery

beer is community, especially when enjoyed with friends and family

beer is art + history: when we create historical styles we learn backwards

Sketchbook creates great beer in order to bring relaxation and pleasure into a sometimes weary world. Our taprooms don’t have TV’s so that people can lean over their glasses and actually talk to each other. Our company is working hard to act right: paying a living wage with benefits to our team, supporting progressive causes, collaborating with peers, and showing respect to everyone who walks through our door.

Sketchbook spends a lot of time at hardware stores. We worship farmers. We would not be here without the loyal support of our customers and 500+ members. We name our beers with gusto, and a sense of place, and a dash of randomness. We hope to stay goofy and serene and just big enough to survive. Peace.